Conchita Wurst’s ‘That’s What I Am’ – Powerful and Lovely: Repeat Rotation Video

conchita wurst that's what I am eurovision 2012

Before Conchita Wurst made it big at Eurovision 2014, she competed in the Austrian National Final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with an awesome song called ‘That’s What I Am’.

She ended up in second place, of course, behind a beyond terrible hip-hop duo called Trackshittaz.

Trackshittaz went on to represent Austria at Eurovision 2012, but had the lowest points in their semi-final and so didn’t make it through to the final.

Conchita went on to eventually be chosen to represent Austria at ESC in 2014 and, as we all now know, she won.

That’s What I Am’, however, obviously became a song close to Conchita’s heart as she is still singing it in concert two years later.

Then again, how could it not be? It is perfect for her, she sings it beautifully and, did I mention, it’s an awesome song? (Yes, I know I did, but I’m mentioning it again).

Just a month and a half after I first discovered the amazing Conchita Wurst, and I think I’ve seen every video on the internet of Conchita singing ‘That’s What I Am‘, and while, frankly, there isn’t a bad one among them (she really does rock this song), my favorite version is still the one she sung during the Austrian National Final for Eurovision 2012.

Because everything about it is perfect.

That is why I’ve been playing Conchita Wurst’s ‘That’s What I Am‘ a myriad of times today as my Repeat Rotation Video. It is a wonderful song and she just shines singing it.

You can watch her live performance in the video below.

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