Conchita Wurst’s ‘This Is Me –The Greatest Showman’ video proves how shy this incredible singer is

Conchita Wurst’s ‘This Is Me‘ The Greatest Showman video proves how shy this incredible singer is

I must admit, when I first saw Conchita Wurst, the Austrian singer and winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014, was included in an ‘influencers” project as part of a promotion for the new movie The Greatest Showman, I was a bit bemused.

After all, Conchita is far more famous than most of the ‘influencers’ from around the world that were chosen for the project. None of whom I had heard of before, except for Luna from the South Korean girl group f(x), and I watch a helluva lot of YouTube videos and listen to a lot of music.

So it seemed a little odd to me she would involve herself in a project like this. Particularly as I would never think of Conchita as a ‘YouTuber’. Or an influencer either, come to that.

European superstar, sure. YouTuber or influencer? Nah, not really. She’s way beyond that.

That being said, 20th Century Fox Germany apparently thought inviting Conchita to be part of the project was the right thing to do.

And, as Conchita has worked with the movie studio before when voicing Eva the Snow Owl for the German version of the film ‘Penguins of Madagascar, I’m presuming that is why she accepted the job.

That and it gets her involved yet again in a movie project that may lead to other things for her career.

Fast forward a few months, and videos from the project are now being uploaded to YouTube as the release date of The Greatest Showman (late December) comes closer.

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Releases from the recording day of a cover version of the song ‘This Is Me‘ these influencers sang at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. And, yes, the song is nice.

But, of course, it was a release of a video today that caught my eye.

A cute video on Conchita’s own YouTube channel called ‘Conchita and The Greatest Showman — This Is Me (Influencers’ cover).

But it wasn’t the brief glimpses of Conchita singing ‘This Is Me‘, one of the songs from the film, that made me rewind the video several times before I even got to the end.

Instead it was the same thing that has stood out to me in many videos I have watched where Conchita is in a crowd of people she is not that familiar with.

The fact that she is incredibly shy.

Something that has been astounding to me for the three years since I first noticed it. Especially considering Conchita’s enormous talent, utter gorgeousness, sweet personality, hilarious sense of humor and how many high-level world artists she has worked with in the past on massively successful projects.

But yep, there it is, Conchita is shy when out of her natural element. That element being with her team, on stage when she is in control, with fans that are beyond blown away that they have finally met their idol, and in an interview situation where she is the one being addressed.

And you can see this perfectly in ‘Conchita and The Greatest Showman — This Is Me (Influencers’ cover)‘ (see video below) if you look closely, as she is almost always a step or two back hovering in the background away from the circle of others looking slightly self-conscious, and never pushing herself forward like most of the influencers do.

Watch her too speaking to some of the other people involved in the project, and you’ll see that shyness creeping through as she talks, smiles, laughs, yet with always a flicker of the eye and a downward glance as that shyness creeps back in.

Which I also always find fascinating as, while she is all wrapped up in her shyness and looking away, you see the faces of those around her who cannot stop staring at her they are so taken in by how utterly lovely she is.

Conchita’s shyness to me, though, is one of the thousands of things I adore about this incredibly talented Austrian artist. Especially as it is the loveliest thing.

As well as the fact that, no matter how famous she becomes, how much attention she gets, how many world superstars she has met or worked with, she is still humble, sweet, kind, ridiculously polite and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. And still so freaking shy.

It really is lovely, Conchita. Please, don’t ever ever change.

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