Conchita’s music video of Falco’s ‘Rock Me Amadeus’ is artistry at its most perfect

One thing about Austrian singer Conchita‘s career progression since she won Eurovision is, wherever she decides to take her constantly-changing career next, it will always be edgy and surprising.

One surprising decision was Conchita’s cover of Falco’s ‘Rock Me Amadeus‘ during the opening of last night’s Amadeus Austrian Music Awards.

But even more surprising and even more artistically stunning is Conchita’s official music video of the song. A video that went up on her YouTube channel just minutes after her Amadeus Awards performance ended.


Because, sure, this video is part of the ongoing melding together of Conchita and her alter-ego Tom Neuwirth — and that is certainly interesting to see.

But, even more importantly, her revamped and electronic-ized version of ‘Rock Me Amadeus‘, the choreography, the beautiful way her sometimes quite disturbing visuals were shot, and the artistry involved means, if this video had been released by an American artist, it would be viral by now with millions of views.

It is that good.

Conchita’s cover of Falco’s ‘Rock Me Amadeus‘ live at Amadeus Austrian Music Awards

First, watch Conchita’s performance of ‘Rock Me Amadeus‘ at the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. Watch it on the official link from ORF but, as they remove things from their site, I am also including a video. (Thanks, Monika!)


That performance is a cool mix of the new electro version of ‘Rock Me Amadeus‘ (which I like more than the original) and a medley of songs nominated for an Amadeus Award. Songs that ended with the brilliant Ina Regen’s ‘Wie a Kind‘. (Video of the original song at the bottom of my interview with Ina here).

And what is notable with this performance is two-fold.

Conchita is dancing, and she doesn’t do that often, and it is in a fitting dance style for her. As, being a guy, she doesn’t have the fluidity of hip movement most women do. So her dances often end up stilted.

In past years, she seemed to be uncomfortable with that stiffness and, in some ways, seemed to be embarrassed by it. (Which there was never any need because, honey, Dude, remember?)

Lately, however, she seems to have come to terms with the “I’m never going to be Britney Spears’ reality of being Conchita/Tom Neuwirth and has instead embraced that stiffness. That means we now get choreography like last night’s that, yes, is still stilted, but a stiltedness and a style that fit the music perfectly and gave a delightfully edgy feel to her performance.

The other thing evident during her Amadeus performance of ‘Rock Me Amadeus‘ were those incredible vocals Conchita now has the range to pull off. A vocal range she developed since Eurovision with endless hours of hard work.

Because when I first met her a couple of years ago and I mentioned how good her vocals were, I got back the same answer she always used to give, “I’m not Beyonce. I have to work at it”.

The thing is, that ‘working at it’ has paid off immensely as nowadays Conchita’s vocals are just as powerful and just as beautiful as any American superstar out there. Particularly as she/he hits notes few male singers can.

Michelle Topham


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