Correos’ ‘Todo El Mundo Necesita Un Corazón’ Has The Best Dance Number – Repeat Rotation Video


Correos’ ‘Todo El Mundo Necesita Un Corazón‘ video has the best dance number

Spanish band Correos released a video for their new single a couple of months ago, in preparation for the release of their latest album — Seres. The single is ‘Todo El Mundo Necesita Un Corazón’ (‘Everyone Needs a Heart’), and gives the message that everyone needs a ‘wild heart’. Because your failures are just as important as your successes, as they make you who you are.

And while I love the song ‘Todo El Mundo Necesita Un Corazón’, and it’s gorgeous and explosive rock sound, I love the video for ‘Todo El Mundo Necesita Un Corazón’ even more. Which is why it’s my Repeat Rotation Video today.

That’s because it reminds me of every trip I’ve taken to Spain in the last few years, where I’ve sat in hotels in the afternoons and watched huge groups of Spanish retirees come to dance. And, God, how they love to dance.

And that’s what this lovely video is all about. One elderly Spanish man going to an empty shopfront to dance, and to pretend he’s in the company of a group of elderly women who all love to dance like he does.

Watch Correos’ video for ‘Todo El Mundo Necesita Un Corazón’ below. Isn’t that just great?


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