Courtney Act’s ‘Body Parts’ Video is Sleek, Chic and Beautifully Produced

body parts courtney act

Australian singer Courtney Act released her new EP Kaleidoscope last month. This week she’s premiered the official video for her new single from it – ‘Body Parts‘ – and it’s a gender fluid, sleek, chic and sexy extravaganza, with very much of a 1990s Madonna ‘Vogue‘ feel to it.

As for ‘Body Parts‘, it’s a fun, catchy, dance track sure to be a hit in the clubs this summer, particularly with that awesome chorus worming its way into people’s heads.

The song is also perfect for what’s going on socially right now, as gender fluidity remains front and center in many places around the globe.

Because, as Courtney herself sings in ‘Body Parts’, “Now that you got me is this what you thought. Rip off the label, I’m not what you bought. But you still like me, what does that mean? I’ll be your peaches, just add cream.”

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And what I especially love about what Courtney Act is doing here, with her new EP Kaleidoscope, the singles from it, and the videos she’s released so far, is it’s all being done without any major record label involvement, and with money from a successful Kickstarter. Yet everything Courtney has produced has been first-rate, beautifully branded and highly professional.

Well done, girl.

Now watch Courtney’s new video below and, of course, head to its YouTube page and give it a thumbs up. It’s absolutely deserved.

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