Craig Colton auditions for X-Factor, surprises parents in the audience

craig colton x factor

British singer Craig Colton auditioned for X-Factor but didn’t tell his mum and dad

In a jog to your music memory, we thought we would remind you about British singer Craig Colton.

Colton came to the British public’s attention when he auditioned for series 8 of the X Factor in an audition that was not just surprising for how good he was, but was also surprising as he had not told his mum and dad he was auditioning.

The pair were in the audience, and looked like they had a helluva shock when Craig walked out onto the stage.

The video of his audition is fabulous too as, not only does the man have a beautiful singing voice, but Craig Colton has such a charming personality when he gets on stage and explains to the judges about his parents in the audience.

Then it is incredibly touching when he sings, as you can see just how proud his parents are of him.

Once his audition was over, Craig Colton went on to win a place on X Factor, and to get all the way through to week 7 before he was eliminated.

Since then, the singer songwriter has been making a place for himself in the entertainment business in Los Angeles, writing and recording new music with Robbie Williams, and working on music with the help of Christina Perri and her team.

As for his appearance, if you saw him on the street today, you probably would not know who he was the British singer songwriter has changed so much.

In a second video, it is two years later and Colton sings ‘Colour The Sky‘ just to show how much he has grown musically.

Watch both videos and, yes, I hope we see a lot more of Craig Colton. He really is quite lovely.


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