Crash Course in Romance Episode 12 ratings still high for this hit Korean rom-com drama

While the Crash Course in Romance Episode 12 ratings were not as high as I expected last night, they were still high enough to put the Sunday night episode of the hit K-drama in first place in its time slot — both nationwide in South Korea, and in the capital city of Seoul.

The Crash Course in Romance Episode 12 ratings were also higher than the drama’s previous Saturday night episode, which also placed at #1 in its time slot.

Those ratings were 12.9 percent of the audience nationwide, and an even higher almost 15.2 percent of the Seoul audience.

Last night’s episode was also a winner, not only for its audience ratings, but also for its subject matter.

After all, we got confirmation that there is something very dodgy about Choi Chi Yeol’s manager Ji Dong Hee (played by Shin Jae Ha), after he tried to cause Nam Haeng Seon (Jeon Do Yeon) serious injury on the yacht.

And then actively tried to stop the two from getting over their misunderstanding.

Dodgy enough to be the ball bearing murderer?

Likely from the ending scene, but we could still get a twist, so keep an open mind.

And then there was that rocking kiss between Jeon Do Yeon and Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) to watch over and over again.

The next episode of Crash Course in Romance is due out on Saturday, February 25th. Watch the short trailer for the episode below. Without English subtitles though, as the trailer is via Korean TV channel tvN.


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