Crash Course in Romance, Episode 13 earns high ratings again as drama nears its end

Watching Crash Course in Romance, Episode 13 last night, one of the first things that came to mind after it ended was how high its ratings must be in Korea, considering it is one of the most popular weekend dramas at the moment.


That thought was confirmed a few hours later when Nielsen Korea released their official Crash Course in Romance, Episode 13 ratings and, once again, the hit tvN drama was #1 in its time slot.

Both nationwide and in Seoul.

Neilsen Korea’s Crash Course in Romance, Episode 13 ratings had the murder-mystery/rom-com drama with an 11.3 percent of the audience share nationwide, and an even higher 12.9 percent share in Seoul.

That keeps the drama well into double digits yet again, and sets it up well for its final three episodes, which will air tonight and next weekend.

Tonight’s episode, especially coming after the dramatic events of Episode 13, is likely to be even higher rated as Crash Course in Romance Sunday episodes have earned a larger audience than Saturday episodes throughout its entire run.

With the identity of the murderer in the drama now settled and only the discovery and punishment left, as well as the nicely wrapping up of the romance between the two adorable main leads, it seems likely the audience will only grow even further for the K-drama’s final three episodes.

Crash Course in Romance stars the wonderful pairing of Jung Kyung Ho and Jeon Do Yeon, and is airing in South Korea via tvN.

Episode 14 will air tonight (Sunday) at 21:10 (KST).

Outside Korea, the superb drama is also available in certain regions via Netflix.

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Michelle Topham