Create Perfect Conchita Wurst Make-Up with These 6 Tutorial Videos — They’re Lovely


Austrian singer Conchita Wurst (subject of over 500 articles, yes, I’m intrigued) has hit social media in a big way in the last few weeks.


First, she has hugely increased the photographs she uploads to her Instagram account, from one every couple of weeks to one or more a day most days.

Her YouTube channel has also seen a similar increase in uploads, starting off with a demo live performance of her first self-written song ‘Blue Bloom, then teasers for a soon-to-be-released interview series ‘Rock/Hard‘ and, a few days ago, a new and very lovely six-part Conchita Wurst make up tutorial series. (see videos below)

Conchita’s make up tutorial is one that was filmed back in 2015, and is a much longer affair than the 2014 version (English version, German version) we first got. The Conchita in this 2015 version is also the pretty, ultra-feminine one with the nicely trimmed beard. The one before the current one with the bushy beard, hairy chest and the more unisex look.

The newest make-up tutorial series was filmed by Conchita’s social media manager, André Karsai. And that is quite a large part of why this series works so well. Because, although he is filming the entire time she is showing off her make-up routine, he also participates.

Joining in her conversation, asking questions when she forgets to explain what she means, and steering her back on course when she frequently gets off track. (Because that girl, she’s more than a little scatterbrained. Especially when she’s had a couple of glasses of wine).

There is also a lovely bantering back and forth between the two of them, which brings out Conchita’s ultra cute personality even more, as well as proves how much she likes him. (And like him she does, as I figured out when I sat in a room with the two of them last year. Because she gave him hell then, just like she does in the video, in that ‘taking the piss out of someone’ way we Brits do when we love the person we’re with. Yep. She does that too).

As for Conchita’s six make-up videos, they’re not only fun and lovely to watch, (and she, of course, is adorable), but they are very informative as well.

So much so, I even managed to grab a tip from one of them (do your eyebrows with a brush dipped in water and then in eyeshadow, as it is much better and easier than trying to style and color them with an eyebrow pencil — thanks, Conchita, it works!).

And, they are also funny.

Because, here, we get Conchita Wurst being as silly as she obviously is when she is around people she is comfortable with, close to and likes. (Which also adds another little insight into her personality that I loved).

So much so, she even drifted off into the realm of sexual innuendo while applying her lower eyelashes.

“I wanted to say I’m a bottom lash girl, which means I put lashes on my lower lash line. Bottom lashes”, she says, with a sly grin.

She then goes on to playfully abuse her social media manager in the same vein, which elicits a lovely behind-the-scenes snort from the man himself.

Of course, being Conchita, and all girly girl, she cannot possibly claim the blame for any of her flirty or sexually teasing behavior.

Instead, she mentions towards the end of the video, “That’s because they gave me this”, and promptly places the blame on her staff as she brandishes her almost drunk glass of wine.

Me? Sorry, Conchita. I don’t believe you. 🙂

Watch Conchita Wurst’s six-part make-up tutorial (above and below). It’s fun, extremely informative, you will pick up some great tips, as well as see just how she manages to look so gorgeous all the time, and it’s beautifully filmed and edited (thanks, André!)

Michelle Topham