David Guetta and Robin Schulz ‘Shed A Light’ feat. Cheat Codes Is Going to be a Huge Hit (Lyrics Video)


The David Guetta and Robin Schulz track ‘Shed A Light’ featuring Cheat Codes is going to be a massive hit

Whenever producer French DJ and producer David Guetta has anything to do with a song, you know it’s going to be a hit. The same goes for his German counterpart Robin Schulz.

So, when you hear David Guetta and Robin Schulz’s recently got together to create a new song, you shouldn’t be surprised when you hear ‘Shed A Light‘ and just know it is going to be a massive hit for both of them.

The Guetta and Schulz’ ‘Shed A Light‘ track is a collaboration with U.S. electronic DJ trio Cheat Codes, who provided the vocals for the track. And this track is catchy, fun and huge, with a memorable melody and a dance beat you are going to find hard to resist.

No wonder it is being sold as “the collaboration of the year”. It probably is.

You can grab Guetta and Shulz’ ‘Shed A Light‘ on most major music sites. And, of course, listen to it below on the song’s official lyrics video.

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