David Lindgren’s Christmas Song ‘Till alla som längtar hem’ is Very Pretty


Swedish singer David Lindgren has released ‘Till alla som längtar hem‘ (‘To All Who Yearn For Home‘) today, his first ever Christmas song. A very pretty song, and a lovely track to listen to for the Christmas season. Even if you don’t understand Swedish.

As Lindgren explained on his Facebook page about the song, and the photograph he chose for its cover, (in Swedish, but here’s a rough translation):

I love Christmas and everything that pertains to it. Christmas has always been a big part in our home growing up. Even now when I have my own children. This picture is from when I’m little and sitting in front of the tree on Christmas Eve with my siblings Hannah & Joseph.

My little daughter Ella is so much like me in this picture. I hope that all of you out there will like it, and feel that you want to listen to it all the way into January“.

As for David Lindgren, you will be familiar with him if you watch Sweden’s national song for Eurovision competition Melodifestivalen, as he has competed in the event three out of the last five years.

In 2017, Lindgren will be one of the three hosts of all six Melodifestivalen shows.

Until then, listen to David Lindgren’s ‘Till alla som längtar hem‘ below. It’s lovely.

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