Death Cab for Cutie on LA Celebrity Tour in ‘The Ghosts of Beverly Drive’ Video

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Death Cab for Cutie run star maps celebrity tour in ‘The Ghosts of Beverly Drive

If you have watched any Death Cab for Cutie videos for songs from their new album Kintsugi, you will probably have noticed the Hollywood theme running through all of them. Well, that theme continues today with Death Cab for Cutie’s newest video release ‘The Ghosts of Beverly Drive‘. A video that sees the band leading an LA star maps celebrity tour.

The video was directed by Robert Hales, the same guy who directed their previous video ‘Black Sun‘, and shows the band climbing onto an LA celebrity tour bus. Once there, it becomes obvious quickly that these guys aren’t taking the tour, they’re leading it. Even so far as having lead singer Ben Gibbard as the tour guide.

As for the meaning behind the ‘The Ghosts of Beverly Drive‘ video? Bassist Nick Harmer told Rolling Stone:

“For every great thing about the city and the experience of living there, there is an offsetting negative that, for me, makes my feelings about L.A. a net zero in terms of personal connection,” he says. “The culture of celebrity tours feeds into this…it leaves me feeling cold and indifferent, and we wanted to make a video that captures that feeling of detachment.”

Which probably explains the decision to film in black and white as well. It’s starker that way.

Watch ‘The Ghosts of Beverly Drive‘ below. Pretty depressing, isn’t it?


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