Demi Lovato’s performance at The Biggest Weekend caused BBC to issue an apology — WTF?

Demi Lovato’s performance at The Biggest Weekend caused the BBC to issue an apology

There have just been so many spectacular performances on the Swansea stage during BBC Music’s The Biggest Weekend this weekend, it is hard to choose which artists to write about. Especially when you look at some of the women.

But, when it comes to female singers that always give a good show, you can’t go wrong with Demi Lovato, who just about always kills it on stage.

And no, Lovato’s performance of ‘Sorry Not Sorry‘ on The Biggest Weekend main stage today in Swansea was no exception. As, unlike many other artists who were either solo on stage or with a small backing group, Demi Lovato came with a huge chorus of backing singers and some of the most energetic dancers I’ve seen in a while. And then, of course, she killed it.

As for her set, Lovato performed ‘Sorry Not Sorry‘ as well as ‘Confident’, ‘Cool For The Summer’, ‘No Promises’, ‘Solo’, ‘Tell Me You Love Me‘ and ‘Échame La Culpa‘ with Luis Fonsi.

The only weird thing about Lovato’s entire performance, however, was after she danced suggestively with a woman and told the crowd “Love who you wanna love”.

The BBC then put a banner across the bottom of the live stream that said “We apologize if you’ve been offended by anything in this stream”, leading fans to accuse them of homophobia.

According to the BBC, however, it was because Lovato apparently said the F-word (because, yep, we are in the 21st Century, and some people might still get their panties in a wad about the F-word).

Either way — strange.

Watch Demi Lovato perform ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ at The Biggest Weekend in the video below. Like I said, she gives a pretty amazing show. Even if the BBC can’t quite handle the grown-upness of it all.

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