Denmark’s Anti Social Media Dance with Conchita Wurst (Video)

conchita wurst anti social media


One thing I love about Conchita Wurst having won Eurovision is she keeps popping up everywhere. Sometimes it’s her, as at the Sidaction Gala Dinner in Paris a couple of weeks ago, or in a performance at the Swiss Eurovision National Final.. Other times, it’s news about her soon to be speaking at Eurovision’s 60th Anniversary Conference in London,

Or it’s just an appearance in a video, like this one in the video Denmark’s Anti Social Media created for their now-Dansk Melodi Grand Prix winning song ‘The Way You Are‘, which shows the band Anti Social Media dancing with Conchita Wurst.

Okay, it’s not Conchita in the flesh. And, no, she’s not really dancing. But, still, it’s cute. And proves, yet again, if you want to be successful, you might want to get Conchita Wurst to help. After all, she’s a master at it.

As for Anti Social Media, yes, they did win the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix last night and so will be representing Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna. Congratulations, guys. (And thanks, Conchita).


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