Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore Releases ‘Europa Hymn’ Video and It’s Beautiful

mg europa hymn

Well this is fabulous. It comes from Depeche Mode’s Martin Gore, and it is from his new solo album, a 16-track electronic instrumental album called simply ‘MG‘.

The first track has just been released in video form — ‘Europa Hymn’ — and it is this I am oohing and aahing over today. For the gorgeous electronic sounds, but also for the video.

It’s animated, and I particularly love it because it reminds me of that thing most of us did when we were a kid. Rub wax crayons all over a sheet of paper, then rub black crayon on top of it until the entire sheet is black. And then scrape patterns or drawings into the black so that the colors underneath show through.


MG‘ releases on April 28th, and you can currently pre-order it on iTunes. But first, listen to and watch the video for ‘Europa Hymn‘. Isn’t that amazing?

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