Did Conchita Wurst Inspire You? Tell the GRAMMY Awards About It

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Part of a singer’s success is getting their name out to anyone who will listen and, with competition in the music world today, that’s difficult. Every non-American singer dreams of success in their own country, but also of ‘cracking America’. That’s because the American music industry is the world’s biggest, and a hit in America means world stardom.

Conchita is famous in Europe

The girl I love the most, Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst, is already well-known in her own country of Austria (well-known being an understatement – she’s the most famous person to ever come out of that country), and since her Eurovision win she’s been doing incredibly well cracking the rest of Europe too.

In America, however, Conchita Wurst is still someone few people have heard of. It won’t stay that way long, as I know for a fact that girl will crack America, as she has what it takes.

But….even the most talented and hardest working singer, like Conchita Wurst, needs help and support from their fans.

Why do you think the world’s biggest star Taylor Swift is all over Twitter tweeting cookie recipes, and Kim Kardashian posts 15 tweets a day with personal photos and silly stuff? It’s because, when they need their names out there for a new project they’re working on, their fans go into action and kick some major ass to help.

What can Conchita Wurst’s fans do to help?

That’s why I’m asking fans of Conchita Wurst (and there are many of you) to get started helping Conchita Wurst ‘crack America’. It won’t happen overnight, it might not be for a couple of years, but every piece of ‘groundwork’ her fans help lay for her now, paves the way for her success later.

So, today’s project?

The official Twitter account of the GRAMMY Awards — (you know, that place that gives out awards to the music industry every year — an award that is Conchita Wurst’s biggest goal?) — they’re on Twitter asking fans of any musician to tweet them telling them which artist has inspired them most. Shakira‘s fans are out in force, so are Jackie Evancho’s, Katy Perry’s, One Direction‘s, and Ariana Grande‘s.

So it’s time for Conchita’s fans to show a little more of their support. Sure, sending a tweet to the GRAMMY awards’ Twitter account about Conchita isn’t going to win her a GRAMMY. It will, however, get her name in front of a few people in the American music industry and a whole slew of people on Twitter. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Here’s the tweet from the folks at the GRAMMYs saying what they want:


If you have a Twitter account – send your tweet about Conchita to , with a photograph of her and the hashtag — , and tell them how Conchita Wurst inspired you. My tweet is below.

And remember, you can retweet and favorite other people’s tweets as well. 


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