Disclosure ‘Holding On’ ft. Gregory Porter Video is Beautifully Filmed

disclosure holding on

British electronic pop duo Disclosure released the official video for ‘Holding On‘ ft. Gregory Porter last week, and it’s all kinds of awesome. The video is the first in an upcoming series of four, and together they create a short film called ‘Caracal‘.


The ‘Holding On ‘video is six minutes in length, and takes place in Mexico City. This one features a beautiful medium called Mariela, who we first see with her family and then on her way out for some late night fun.

Soon, though, Mariela is recruited for a mission by a mysterious shadowy duo. Once recruited, a Caracal, a desert wild cat, is tattooed on her shoulder.

But, while the video for ‘Holding On‘ is beautifully filmed, I can’t help but thinking it doesn’t fit with the music track at all. The ‘feel’ is just all wrong.

Still, we will see what happens when the next three are released, as maybe they will help ‘slot it into place’?

As for Disclosure’s album Caracal, it will be released on September 25th.

Meanwhile, watch the Disclosure video for ‘Holding On‘ below. It is a gorgeous set up for what looks like is going to be an interesting commentary on politics, society and freedom, if nothing else.