Doctor Slump jumps to #3 on Netflix Top 10 – 6th week on the chart for the K-drama

This week’s updated data is out from Netflix and the Korean drama Doctor Slump is continuing to grab massive numbers of viewers six weeks after it premiered on the streaming platform.

According to Netflix via its companion site Netflix Tudum, for the period February 26th to March 3rd, Doctor Slump jumped from last week’s #6 spot to this week’s #3 on their Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart.

To get to that position, the K-drama was viewed more than 2.5 million times for a total number of hours viewed of 21.9 million.

It is also the Korean drama’s sixth week in the Top 10.

A chart it ranked on just two days after the first two episodes of the series premiered on Netflix.

With four more episodes still to air, and with fan interest in the Korean rom-com not seeming to have fallen at all, it is also very likely it will remain on the Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart throughout its entire run.

Doctor Slump ratings in South Korea

Meanwhile, Doctor Slump is still grabbing solid ratings in South Korea where the JTBC drama has not left the #1 spot in its time zone since it premiered.

Doctor Slump stars Park Hyung Sik, Park Shin Hye, Yoon Park, and Gong Seong Ha.

The K-drama airs in South Korea every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 (KST), with new episodes releasing via Netflix around the same time.

With four more episodes still to air, the final episode of Doctor Slump is scheduled to air on Sunday, March 17th.

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