Dua Lipa’s ‘Hotter Than Hell’ Exudes a Wild, Exotic Sexuality (Video)

hotter than hell dua lipa video

When British singer Dua Lipa releases an official video for ‘Hotter Than Hell‘, it should be no surprise to anyone when it is just that — hotter than hell. After all, when it comes to up and coming British singers, there really is no-one hotter than Dua Lipa, as she exudes a wild, exotic sexuality few others do.

As for her new single ‘Hotter Than Hell‘, and the official video she released for it this week, it was filmed in a rundown London warehouse and has Lipa being filmed in various sexy poses, as well as gyrating around on the floor a bit.

Yep, she’s gone full sexual on this one although, if I looked like her, I’d probably do the same.

The video was directed by Emil Nava (‘How Deep Is Your Love’, Calvin Harris, ‘Thinking Out Loud‘, Ed Sheeran), and the song was co-written by Lipa and the band Ritual.

And it’s just another awesome notch in Lipa’s belt, as she has been involved in some fabulous music videos lately. The sexy┬áThinking Bout You‘ live at the YouTube Music Foundry, for instance and, of course, her video for ‘Last Dance, which was wild, ethereal, earthy and gorgeous.

Watch Lipa’s new video for ‘Hotter Than Hell‘ below, and look for her at various festivals in the UK this summer.


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