Eddie Vedder’s ‘Can’t Keep’ is the most beautiful thing you’ll hear and see today — Repeat Rotation Video

Eddie Vedder’s ‘Can’t Keep‘ is the most beautiful thing you’ll hear and see today

Just about my favorite Pearl Jam song is ‘Can’t Keep‘, the first track from the band’s seventh studio album Riot Act. It is a track that I didn’t think could get any better than the version on the album, with its aggressive drums and urgently strummed guitars.

And then…Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam’s lead singer, came out with this.

A stripped down version of the band’s ‘Can’t Keep‘ performed with just Vedder on a ukulele, and with a video of him performing the track alone while sitting on a tiny strip of rock way out in the ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

Dude. How beautiful is that?

The wind, the waves, the massive open space, the submerged whale — and Eddie Vedder with wind-blown hair just playing that ukulele like he’s in control of all of it.


And that is why Eddie Vedder’s ‘Can’t Keep‘ is my Repeat Rotation Video today.

It is from his 2011 second solo album Ukulele Songs. An album that was met with positive critical reviews, has some stunningly beautiful songs, and one that charted in 17 countries. Not bad for just a guy with a voice and a ukulele.

Listen to (and watch) Eddie Vedder’s ukulele version of ‘Can’t Keep‘ in his music video below for your Repeat Rotation Video. And then listen to Pearl Jam’s original song below that.

And, like every Repeat Rotation Video song, play both of them on headphones, as loud as you can and…dancing.

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