Eden’s ‘Drugs’ Is Addictive — Yep, I Went There (Video)

eden drugs

I seem to be building up quite an addiction for Irish singer songwriter and electronic music producer Eden, aka Jonathon Ng. Because everything he releases is so heart-grabbingly beautiful and, often, so wrenchingly sad.


Eden’s latest release, ‘Drugs‘ just hit Mr. Suicide Sheep’s YouTube channel last night, and it’s another one that is hard to stop listening to as, with both music and lyrics, it encompasses exactly how many of us often feel. Yep. It’s addictive.

Cause I’m a fucking mess sometimes
But still I could always be
Whatever you wanted
But not what you needed
Especially when you been needing me
Cause I’m a fucking mess sometimes
And I’ll say what I dont mean
Just cause I wanted
Or maybe I need it

As for Eden, he used to go by the moniker The Eden Project, but went to just Eden as his music evolved into more pop than electro dance music.

He is also one of those artists that is doing his own thing on his own record label, so he has much more freedom than those people relying on major labels to kick off their careers. And what that means is the music we get is usually something more unique, as well as something we probably wouldn’t get if he was more controlled.

Eden currently has five EPs out, with his latest I Think You Think Too Much Of Me due out in August.

Listen to ‘Drugs‘ in the Mr. Suicide Sheep video below. Or you could be like me. Shove it on your mobile so you can listen to it over and over again. Believe me…it’s a great mood song.


Michelle Topham