Editors ‘Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors’ Live at Glastonbury – Repeat Rotation Video

editors live at glastonbury smokers outside


This week, I’ve been obsessing over an album I recently discovered that I think is one of the best I’ve heard in ages. The album is from the British band Editors and is called ‘An End Has a Start‘. One song in particular, though, has been jumping out at me since I first started listening to it, and since it still seems to be stuck in my head, I’m playing it as my Repeat Rotation Video today. The song is Editors ‘Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors‘ live at Glastonbury 2010, and it has such a pretty chorus – both lyrically and musically – I’ve been playing it continually for days.

Editors are an Indie rock band that has been together since 2002. Although not one of the bigger British bands, Editors has still been quite successful with two platinum albums, including ‘An End Has a Start‘, and two other album releases.

As for ‘Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors‘, it was the first single released from ‘An End Has a Start‘, and hit number seven in the UK charts. The drum intro and then lead singer Tom Smith’s voice coming in at the same time as the music is fabulous. Add in those amazing guitar solos and, man, is this live performance good.

Listen to Editors’ ‘Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors‘ live at Glastonbury below. Isn’t that an incredible song? And, by the way, the whole album is just as good.


Michelle Topham