Ella Henderson Releases ‘Mirror Man’ Behind-the-Scenes Video: Edgy and Different

ella henderson mirror man behind the scenes video


Ella Henderson is one of the most incredible singers to come out of the UK in years. Every song she releases, and every performance she gives, is unbelievably good, so it’s no wonder she’s already skyrocketing towards superstardom. Ella’s latest single is a song called Mirror Man, a song for which she has just released a behind-the-scenes look at the video.

The Mirror Man video was shot in LA, directed by Colin Tilley, and, as Ella Henderson says herself, is exciting as she is taking “a completely different route and a different avenue than I have with any other video so far. This is going to be a lot more graphic, a lot more edgy, and you’re going to see probably quite a sassy and quite a cocky side to me as it comes across in this song”.

If you want to listen to Mirror Man┬ábefore the video comes out (on March 9th), grab Ella’s new album ‘Chapter One LP‘ first. It’s available on iTunes (the Deluxe version is the best), and it’s amazing.

Meanwhile, watch the behind-the-scenes video of Ella Hendersons’ Mirror Man below. Isn’t she just lovely?


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