Elliphant’s ‘Best People in the World’ Featured on ‘Ballers’ – TV and Movie Music (Video)

elliphant best people in the world

Swedish singer Elliphant’s song ‘Best People in the World’ was featured on last Sunday’s episode of the fabulous new HBO series ‘Ballers‘ (Season 1, Episode 5 — “Machete Charge“). The track was just released on June 29th, and is available on iTunes.

As for Elliphant, she’s amazing. Her music is an incredible mix between rap, dancehall, pop and new rave, and the two studio albums and five EPs she’s released so far have been critically acclaimed.

Elliphant’s first single ‘Tekkno Scene’ was released in 2012, and the follow up to it —  ‘Down on Life‘ — a few months later. Both tracks did very well, and garnered Elliphant attention from people like singer Katy Perry and music producer Skrillex.


Elliphant went on to work with Skrillex on some of her later tracks, including ‘Only Getting Younger‘.

Listen to Elliphant’s ‘Best People in the World‘ in the video below. Isn’t that a great song?

Michelle Topham