Emma Marrone Releases ‘Occhi Profondi’, Already #4 on iTunes Italy (Video)


Emma Marrone’s ‘Occhi Profondi‘ already at #4 on Italy’s iTunes singles chart

Remember Italian singer Emma Marrone? She was Italy’s representative to Eurovision 2014? Well, she’s releasing her fifth studio album later on this year, and a couple of days ago we got to hear the first single from it. Called “Occhi Profondi” or ‘Deep Eyes‘, it’s currently number 4 on the iTunes charts in Italy, so it’s doing well.


As for how ‘Occhi Profondi’ sounds? To me, it’s very European in style, and Emma Marrone’s voice is gorgeous here.

Gorgeous because it has that husky, Bonnie Tyler-esque quality to it. A quality that evokes such a feeling of passion when she sings, it’s perfect for a song like ‘Occhi Profondi‘. A soulful ballad with rock undertones.

Listen to it below, and watch that fabulous video. She certainly comes off as being a strong woman, doesn’t she?


Michelle Topham