Emma Releases ‘Arriverà L’Amore’ Video and It’s Heart-Warming

emma Arriverà L'Amore

Italian singer Emma Marrone has just released her latest single, along with a video for it on YouTube. The single is calledArriverà L’Amore‘, but the release of it wasn’t a huge surprise as Emma was giving fans a heads up it was coming with graphics on her Instagram account last week.

Arriverà L’Amore‘ is from the singer’s upcoming fifth album, due to be released soon. It was written by Ermal Meta and Matthew Buzzanca.

And, frankly, I listened to it through the first time and thought “Meh”. But by the second and third listen, I was hooked. Great melody, Emma’s voice is rich and sexy as always, and the video is heart-warming and lovely. And particularly that she chose to include a scene of two men falling in love, without any great fanfare accompanying it.

Watch the video for ‘Arriverà L’Amore’ below. Honestly, I like her more and more with every new song she releases.


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