ENA correct to move Evilive to new schedule – K-drama is FABULOUS and deserves bigger audience

One of the K-dramas I have been dying to watch for weeks is ENA’s Evilive, a crime noir drama with a superb cast.

Now, with the first two episodes premiering last weekend, let’s just say, the K-drama definitely did not disappoint.

In fact, depending on how it continues, Evilive could easily end up being one of the best K-dramas of 2023. And the most suspenseful.

ENA changes Evilive‘s schedule to Sunday and Monday nights

That prospect is also likely one of the reasons Korean network ENA has just announced, starting this Sunday, October 22nd, Evilive will move from its planned Saturday/Sunday night schedule to its new broadcast schedule of Sunday/Monday nights.

And, while ENA says they “took into consideration various viewing patterns” when they decided on the broadcast schedule change, “in order to reach more viewers”, what they really meant there was just far too much competition in the Saturday night slot, so this superb drama was being buried.

In Evilive‘s new slot, however, Sunday night is already pretty open and Monday night is an almost dead zone, with tvN’s Twinkling Watermelon the only drama airing that night.

Throw in Evilive airing at 22:00 (KST), right as Twinkling Watermelon episodes finish on the competing channel, and Evilive will have an open field until KBS2’s The Matchmakers starring Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun begins to air on Monday, October 30th.

As that drama will only overlap with Evilive on Monday nights, that still leaves things looking more than promising for Evilive. The underdog that deserves a much bigger audience.

Now, hopefully, it will get it.

Evilive stars Shin Ha Kyun (Beyond Evil), Kim Young Kwang (Call It Love), and Shin Jae Ha (Crash Course in Romance).

So far, the drama has sadly not been licensed for streaming in the west, but keep your fingers crossed and it might be.

Meanwhile, check out the official Evilive trailer below to get just a glimpse of how damned good this K-drama is and, if you are in South Korea, tune in for Evilive‘s Episode 3 on ENA on Sunday, October 22nd at 22:00 (KST).

I guarantee you will be as hooked as me.

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