Enrique Iglesias Cuts Finger on Drone, Finishes Concert in Tijuana Covered in Blood

Enrique Iglesias slices fingers in camera drone accident in Tijuana, Mexico

Singer Enrique Iglesias apparently loves his fans so much he cut his finger, gushed blood, drew a heart on his t shirt with his blood, and bled for 30 minutes while he finished his concert in Tijuana, Mexico.

Okay, it’s not actually as weird as it sounds. Well, not that much.

Enrique Iglesias was in concert on Saturday night in Tijuana when he reached up to grab a camera drone he and his band use to take photographs of the crowd, as he wanted the crowd to see a “point of view” shot. Sadly, while doing so, Iglesias managed to get his fingers sliced up pretty badly, necessitating him to depart into the wings to get some quick medical treatment.

But, while he was advised to stop the concert and seek proper medical care, Iglesias decided to continue with the last 30 minutes of the show. Which he did. With his bloody hand wrapped in a bandage and still leaking blood. Blood Enrique Iglesias used to draw a big heart on his white t shirt, to show how much he loves his fans.

After the show finished, several news outlets reported, Iglesias was then flown to LA for medical care. Word out at the moment is he’s doing fine and expected to make a complete recovery.

Maybe next time he might want to think twice about grabbing a moving camera drone. They can be quite dangerous. Although, he did get some pretty cool photos out of the deal.

Enrique Iglesias’ show on Saturday night was for 12,000 fans, and is part of his new Sex and Love World Tour.


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