Evilive Ep10 DOUBLES ratings – series finale ends with 5 TIMES ratings of Ep1

Photo courtesy ENA

As a huge fan of the Korean drama Evilive, I was thrilled to see the ENA/Genie TV show’s series finale ratings via Nielsen Korea this morning.

According to Nielsen, the Evilive, Episode 10 rating was 1.41 percent nationwide, which is double the previous episode’s rating of 0.71 percent.

That rating is also five times the rating Evilive earned for its first episode on October 14th (0.28 percent).

And, as if that wasn’t enough good news, Evilive, Episode 10 was the sixth most-watched TV series on Korean TV on Monday.

Compare that to Episode 1, which was the 159th most-watched show (Yikes!) and I would say that is a win for this superb drama.

In other words, hallelujah, eh?

As for Evilive, Episode 10 ratings in Seoul, the crime drama performed even better, ending with a 1.50 percent rating.

As Nielsen has been very sporadic with releasing ratings for the drama in Seoul, though, it is difficult to say how that compares to Episode 9’s ratings, or with its first episode.

Evilive stars the magnificent cast of Shin Ha Kyun, Kim Young Kwang, and Shin Jae Ha, all of whom perform superbly.

Unfortunately, as of this writing, this wonderful crime drama is not available legally outside South Korea, with most people watching it outside the country doing so on dodgy websites.

Fingers crossed Genie TV will at least get it added to streaming sites like Viki and Kocowa soon, as it deserves to be seen by a much larger (and legal) audience.

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