Fall Out Boy gives nervous but cool performance of ‘Champion’ on Seth Meyers

Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump gives nervous but ultimately cool performance of ‘Champion‘ on Seth Meyers

Sometimes I watch a music artist’s live performance on a late night TV show, and I feel sorry for them as they are so nervous it is coming off them in waves.

Such was the live performance of Fall Out Boy’s lead vocalist Patrick Stump when singing ‘Champion‘ live on Late Night with Seth Meyers last night.

Because, while the performance itself was good once he got going, you could just tell Stump would probably rather have been anywhere but there.

As, not only did he screw up the song lyrics, but he looked like he was about to crawl out of his skin during the first verse of the song. Then, as the nervousness dissipated, he warmed up and, well, by the end of the song….he rocked.

Champion‘ is the latest single from Fall Out Boy’s seventh studio album Mania, which is due for release on September 15th. The single itself was released on June 22nd, and we’re getting a music video for the song tomorrow (July 28th).

Watch the band’s performance of ‘Champion‘ on Seth Meyers in the video below to see what I mean, because don’t you just feel like saying “Awwwwww” and then hugging him?

You can currently pre-order their upcoming new album now.

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