Findlay’s Wild & Unwise featured on Siren Season 2, Episode 11, “Mixed Signals” this week

British singer Findlay gets her music featured on Siren, Season 2

Stockport native and indie rock singer-songwriter Findlay’s Wild & Unwise showed up on the latest episode of the Freeform series Siren this week — Season 2, Episode 11, “Mixed Signals” (June 28th, 2019).

The song was played as Maddie tries to kiss Xander while both are at the Anchor Bar.

Findlay’s Wild & Unwise is from her debut studio album Forgotten Pleasures. An album that was helped along in its creation by some pretty big guns — namely producers Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran), Samy Osta (Woman, Rover!) and Flood (Nick Cave, Smashing Pumpkins).

Wild & Unwise also came with a cool music video.

One that showed Findlay walking into a cafe, ordering breakfast and sitting down to eat, then noticing dirt under her fingernails. The next scene has her in the cafe’s bathroom scrubbing her hands, and then back at the table looking at a winning lottery ticket.

The video then switches to the woods at night, where Findlay is digging a grave and then burying a dead man she drags out of her car.

We are then privy to the moment when Findlay’s boyfriend scratched off the lottery ticket and realized he had won, to her putting a plastic bag over his head and smothering him.

The Wild & Unwise music video ends with her now back in the cafe, calmly checking her now clean nails and waiting for her breakfast to be served.

Listen to Findlay’s Wild & Unwise as played on Sirens, Season 2, Episode 11, “Mixed Signals” in that music video below. You can also check out her 13-track debut studio album Forgotten Pleasures in the Spotify widget below that.

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