Florence + The Machine Perform ‘What Kind of Man’ on Stephen Colbert (Video)

florence and the machine what kind of man stephen colbert

One of the many things I love about British alternative rock band Florence + The Machine is their live performances are always just as brilliant as the tracks you hear on their albums. Not just good, however, but also surprising as they often produce versions of the latest songs that are far removed from what appears recorded and, often, even better.

Case in point, Florence + The Machine’s appearance this week on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where they did the most delicious stripped down performance of one of the newest singles ‘What Kind of Man.

During it, all we got was lead singer Florence Welch’s vocals teamed with an acoustic guitar, a harp and keyboard. But this minimalist production was perfect for her vocals, as she really is one of the strongest live singers out there and with one of the most astoundingly lilting voices.

Watch Florence + The Machine perform ‘What Kind of Man‘ on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and just marvel in that gorgeous voice. (And don’t you love how she just giggles at the audience reaction when she’s finished?)

And then, yes, pick up the album the track came from — How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful —  on one of the online digital music sites. It is wonderful.

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