Flume’s ‘Anthem for the Reef’ for Greenpeace Australia Pacific is beautiful and sad

Flume’s ‘Anthem for the Reef‘ for Greenpeace Australia Pacific is beautiful and sad

Australian DJ and record producer Flume has released one of the coolest videos I have seen in a while — a very short one for Greenpeace Australia Pacific of underwater sea life that he says includes some “previously unreleased sounds”.

And what is really beautiful about the clip is how the music — which he calls ‘Anthem for the Reef‘ — and the underwater creatures are edited together so they seem to be moving along with the track and, of course, just how gorgeous they are.

Creatures that, if we continue to destroy the planet as we have been doing for the last 100 years or so, may not be around for much longer. And that is unbelievably sad.

About the video, Flume wrote in the description “This is important!”, and yes, I’d say it is.

Important, that is, to bring to everyone’s attention that these beautiful creatures are what is currently swimming around the Great Barrier Reef, but they won’t be for much longer if we all don’t change our ways.

As Flume says at the end of the video “Climate change is ruining the Great Barrier Reef. Do something about it”, and then provides a link to Greenpeace where you can pledge to act. Make sure you go to it and sign the petition.

And, of course, watch Flume’s mini-vid of ‘Anthem for the Reef’ for Greenpeace Australia Pacific below. Don’t you love the track as well?

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