Frankly Speaking Ep 5 ratings steady – also in Top 10 on Netflix

The ongoing Korean drama Frankly Speaking seems to have solidified its audience this week, after some erraticism in ratings since the series premiered on JTBC on May 1st.

That’s because, according to the latest data from Nielsen Korea, Frankly Speaking, Episode 5 aired last night to a 1.45 percent audience share nationwide — which is only slightly down from its previous episode of 1.62 percent, and not as low as the drama earned for its third episode (1.36 percent).

Nielsen, however, did not release the data for Frankly Speaking‘s Seoul audience, but that’s because it wasn’t on the Top 10 in the Metropolitan area, and so obviously earned an audience share lower than 1.53 percent.

Whether the ratings have solidified for Frankly Speaking, however, isn’t a particularly good sign as, while its predecessor Queen of Tears grabbed great ratings to begin with and then just kept increasing them, Frankly Speaking earned lower ones for its first episode and then fell from there.

Frankly Speaking on Netflix

The Korean drama is streaming on Netflix though, and has been performing much better there than at home in South Korea.

According to the latest numbers from Netflix Tudum this week, Frankly Speaking is currently at #10 on their Top 10 Non-English TV Shows chart, with over 1 million views last week.

It is the second week on the chart for the Go Kyung Pyo-led drama, although it has dropped from last week’s #8.

The Korean rom-com is also still earning an 8.0 out of 10 on My Drama List, which is also a solid rating from users on MDL.

Frankly Speaking stars the previously mentioned Go Kyung Pyo (Love in Contract), alongside Kang Han Na (My Roommate is a Gumiho).

The K-drama’s next episode will air later on tonight on JTBC, followed by an upload to Netflix.

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