G-Dragon lawyers taking legal action against false reports, insist Kwon Ji Yong did NOT use drugs

Photo via G-Dragon’s Instagram

As we reported last week, according to Korean news media, BigBang’s G-Dragon (aka Kwon Ji Young) is currently under investigation for violating South Korea’s Narcotics Control Act.

At the time, however, we did caution you not to assume anything about G-Dragon’s legal situation.

After all, everyone in a democracy is presumed innocent until proven guilty, and rumor and innuendo you read on social media, or gossip you hear via random often ill-informed and sometimes malicious YouTubers, is certainly not evidence of any wrongdoing.

Now, less than a week later G-Dragon’s lawyers have issued a statement saying, not only did G-Dragon not use drugs, his lawyers will now be taking legal action against anyone circulating rumor or lies about the rapper, singer and record producer.

Statement from G-Dragon’s legal team states he did not use drugs

According to today’s statement from a lawyer on G-Dragon’s legal team, Kim Soo Hyun of K1 Chamber LLP, G-Dragon is adamant he did not use drugs.

In that regard, he has now hired a legal team to represent him in his case, with that legal team informing the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Narcotics Unit of the Regional Investigation Department this week that G-Dragon (aka Kwon Ji Young) will voluntary submit to a hair follicle test and a urine test to prove his innocence.

In that regard, Kim Soo Hyun stressed the need for a fast resolution to the case.

A case that, of course, is negatively impacting both G-Dragon’s career, and his private life:

Through a statement of intent for voluntary attendance at the relevant police agency, along with a written opinion of counsel, Kwon Ji Yong has expressed his intent for voluntary attendance as well as his intent to actively cooperate with the ongoing investigation.

This includes voluntarily providing all materials necessary for hair and urine tests to be carried out, in order to reveal the truth about the false accusations as quickly as possible via a rapid investigation process.

Kim Soo Hyun then went on to add:

Recently, speculative and false reports and YouTube videos concerning things like the appointment of a lawyer from the Constitutional Court and the payment of a large amount of legal fees, have been released indiscriminately.

We make it clear that none of this is true, and we will take strong legal action against anyone spreading false facts and defamation.

In other words, stop making up lies about G-Dragon, stop recording videos, writing articles or posting social media commentary that then circulate those lies and, if you do and are caught, expect to be the target of a defamation lawsuit.

Meanwhile, here at Leo Sigh, we will keep you updated with any new information that comes forward regarding the G-Dragon investigation via his legal team or Incheon Police.

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