G-Eazy and Halsey’s ‘Him & I’ on ‘Good Morning America’ complete with a foot cast and giggles

G-Eazy and Halsey’s ‘Him & I‘ on Good Morning America is complete with a foot cast and cute giggles

Do yourself a favor and watch G-Eazy and Halsey‘s appearance on Good Morning America this morning (Tuesday, December 19th). Because the pair were together again to perform their new single ‘Him & I‘, which they did complete with those cute giggles Halsey does and a foot cast she is currently wearing and, man, it was cool.

Because listen to that gorgeous husky voice Halsey sports, along with the matter-of-fact rapping G-Eazy is so adept at. Aren’t they just the perfect pairing?

As for the cast, it seems Halsey has broken her foot, as she tweeted last night about a foot injury.

A fan tweeted her back saying “Walk it off like nothing has happened, lass, at least you got it taken care of. Hope it will be a speedy recovery”, to which Halsey laughingly replied “I’m not sure you can walk off a broken foot”.

Yep, she’s got a point there.

Watch G-Eazy and Halsey performing ‘Him & I‘ on Good Morning America in the video below. Even stationary with a cast on her foot, it’s still lovely.

Then watch the official music video for the track below that. It already has almost 40 million views on YouTube and it’s still going.

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