Gao performs ‘Ending’ on The First Take with husky vocals that beautifully express the song’s emotions

I like it when the Sony-owned YouTube channel The First Take premieres an indie artist who may not be quite as well known as some of the blockbuster musicians they have featured on the channel in the past.

After all, they often perform beautiful songs you wouldn’t hear otherwise, and sometimes even introduce us to a completely different sound.

This week, The First Take featured one such artist.

His name is Gao, he is a singer, songwriter and a street musician and quite a big thing on TikTok at the moment.

He is also someone who, when he performed his song ‘Ending‘ on TikTok for the first time last year, his teenage audience went wild and he soon had more than 4 million views on that and on other videos related to it.

Gao performs ‘Ending‘ on The First Take

As he has becoming increasingly more well-known, it appears Sony thought it was time to approach Gao to perform ‘Ending’ live on The First Take.

He did that this week in a simple, piano-accompanied one-take performance that felt cozy and relaxed while still seeming perfectly professional.

Gao’s voice too has a lovely husky lilt to it that, from the first line of the song, helps to perfectly explain how he feels in a song that is for those who have experienced a love they cannot possibly forget.

A love that, as the lyrics go, “If I had met you when we were a little older/Then the ending to our relationship might have unfolded differently“.

Watch Gao perform ‘Ending‘ on The First Take in the video below. You can also hear the song again in its lovely music video below that.


And I would say from that The First Take performance it is not likely to be his last on the Sony-owned channel, and that Gao is likely to become quite a bit more well-known from now on out.

Meanwhile, you can download and stream Gao’s ‘Ending‘ on the usual platforms via this link.


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