Gen Hoshino’s ‘Comedy’ music video shows how important friends can be and it’s cute

The ever popular Japanese singer Gen Hoshino has just released an official music video for his song ‘Comedy‘ — otherwise known as the ending theme song for the Spy x Family anime series.

And Gen Hoshino’s ‘Comedy’ video is adorable, as it features the singer surrounded by colorful yet strange looking creatures.

Creatures that, according to Hoshino’s official Twitter account, “depict a certain ‘family’ in which Hoshino-san and the mysterious creatures live together while going about their daily lives”.

The video begins with the Japanese singer living alone in a house and looking quite lonely with the one toothbrush in its mug and one pair of shoes in the genkan.

Until he heads off to eat his lunch outside, and a couple of weird looking creatures suddenly appear wanting to share his food.

Soon, Gen Hoshino is taking the creatures back to his house, airing out his futons, putting their toothbrushes in the bathroom and their shoes in the entry way, and generally getting along in a life now full of friends.

Weird though they may be.

After all, we all need friends to love and support us. Even if our friends may not be what society expects them to be.

The lyrics of ‘Comedy also talk about what it is like to be an outsider, then to suddenly experience the miracle of being with someone that understands him and loves him.

Let’s look up and go home
The flowers are in magnificent bloom
Wanna talk to you about things like
“Look how beautiful they are”
Each day with you
The miracle of being with you
In this kitchen that ties our lives together
Is something I still lack words to convey

Gen Hoshino’s ‘Comedy‘ was first released digitally early last month, and quickly hit the top of the Oricon singles chart in Japan.

The release of this adorable music video for the song is likely to only increase those sales even more. Yay!


Cover art for Hoshino’s ‘Comedy‘ release

Watch Gen Hoshino’s ‘Comedy’ music video below, then try to get that Spy x Family ending theme song out of your head as, ye gods, it’s damned addictive, isn’t it?

As for Spy x Family, the hit anime series is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.


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