German indie rock band Love A is my new addiction — and ‘Nichts ist neu’ is rocking (video)

German indie rock post-punk band Love A is my new addiction

Since I moved to Vienna, Austria, I’m making it a point to listen to songs from German or Austrian artists so I can improve my German skills. A fabulous side effect of that is I’m coming across all kinds of amazing singers and bands I had not heard of before.

Bands like German band Love A — an indie rock band that is difficult to find information online about if you don’t speak German. (And, for my whine today, let me just say many German and Austrian singers and bands seem to have this short-sighted look at their career — only publishing information about themselves in German, which cuts them off from being learned about by much of the rest of the world).

But, by running what I could find about Love A through Google Translate, because my German skills are still poor, here’s what I have learnt about the band so far.

The band was founded in 2010 and released their debut album in 2011. In all, they  have released four EPs and three more albums since 2010, with their latest one Nichts ist neu (Nothing is new) released last month on Rookie Records.

Their lead singer is Jörkk Mechenbier, who is also part of the duo  Schreng Schreng & La La.

Love A’s drummer is Charles Brausch, guitarist Stefan Weyer and bassist Dominik Mercier.

And together the four release some of the most melodically addictive songs, with smoking guitar, rocking vocals, a rich bass and some of the best makes-you-feel-massively-alive drumming I’ve heard in a long time.

Yep, Love A is my new addiction.

As for songs to listen to, if you also want to become familiar with a German indie rock post-punk band you may never have heard of but will soon be floored by, just about everything on Love A’s YouTube channel is rocking. But, there are two tracks in particular I love.

Love A’s ‘Nichts ist leicht‘ (Nothing is Easy) — because, yeah, I know that feeling lately. And ‘Weder noch‘ (Neither nor), a musical statement about the refugee situation and prejudice. Listen to both in the videos below.

And both are from Love A’s new album Nichts ist neu.

You can also listen to the entire album before buying it in the second video below. But do buy it, as this amazing German indie rock band deserves to be much better known than they are.

And, can I just say, I’ve had Nichts ist neu playing on my headphones over the last couple of days every time I’ve left the house and, man, if you want an album that makes you feel alive, this one is it!


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