Governors Ball Day 3 Canceled Due to Lightning and Severe Weather

If you are heading to the Governors Ball in New York City. Don’t.


That’s because the Governors Ball, Day 3, planned to be held today, June 5th in New York, has been canceled due to lightning and severe weather.

The organizers of the event tweeted about the cancellation an hour ago saying, “Due to severe weather & likelihood of lightning in the area, GOVBALLNYC is officially cancelled for DAY 3”. (see tweet above).

Because, apparently, they are more concerned about the safety of their artists, fans and crew than they are about making money. Good for them.

You can find out more information here as it comes in. But don’t expect the organizers to go back on their decision. It just may be too dangerous out there.

One of the bands schedule to play, Death Cab For Cutie, has already commented about the cancellation on their Twitter account:


Michelle Topham