Grace VanderWaal’s ‘Beautiful Thing’ Lyrics Video Serenades Her Sister


It’s hard to believe Grace VanderWaal is only 12 years old. Her music and her voice seem like they should be coming from someone so much older.


And that is pretty evident when you watch VanderWaal’s ‘Beautiful Thing‘ lyrics video, just released yesterday.

The lyrics video for ‘Beautiful Thing‘ has the lyrics written in VanderWaal’s own handwriting for a nice touch, and some incredibly pretty graphics,  but it is the song itself that will just grab your heart.

Especially when you know Grace VanderWaal wrote the song about her older sister. The person who is her best friend. And especially when you remember Grace is just 12. And she writes songs better than many adults. And sings them better as well.

Beautiful Thing‘ is from her VanderWaal’s five-track EP Perfectly Imperfect, which was released on December 2nd. Watch her new lyrics video below. Lovely, isn’t it?

Michelle Topham