Greg S. releases ‘Go Away’ on Bonzai Progressive with 4 cool versions

Hungarian DJ and music producer Greg S (aka Gergely Sardi) has just released his debut single on the Bonzai Progressive label and it’s bound to stir some excitement in Europe’s clubs.


Especially as ‘Go Away‘, with its progressive house and trance sounds and pounding beat is so cool.

Go Away‘ comes in four versions, so there is something for everyone — the radio version, the extended, a mix from Matan Caspi which is even more progressive house, and one from Manu Riga, which is a nice tech mix and my particular favorite.

As for Greg S, while not particularly well known in the U.S. at the moment, he is a mainstay in a slew of European clubs in Belgium, France and Spain. He originally started out in the club scene in Budapest a few years ago, but quickly moved on to work with international DJs in clubs all over the continent.

You can pre-order all four versions of Greg S’s ‘Go Away’ now. It is expected to be released in the U.S. on September 11th.

Listen to the radio version of the track below.

Michelle Topham

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