Guns N’ Roses ‘November Rain’ Original Still Holds Up : Repeat Rotation Video

november rain guns n roses


Many years ago, I lived in Texas but used to drive backwards and forwards to visit my parents in the northern part of the US several times a year. The drive was at least 16 hours one way, which I did in one stretch, so I always had a slew of my favorite songs that I’d play at top notch as I was flying along in my red Jeep Cherokee. The Guns N’ Roses song ‘November Rain’ was one of them.

Of course, in the decades since ‘November Rain’ was first released, there are a plethora of videos you can watch to relive the memories. Everything from Guns N Roses’ playing ‘November Rain’ live at concerts all over the world, to Axl Rose doing his own updated versions.

For me, though, the one I like the best is the original video that was released with the song back in June 1992. Sure, it’s a little fuzzy compared to the HD videos we’re used to today, but it’s beautiful, it tells a story, and the vocals are gorgeous.  And, as for ‘November Rain’ itself – the orchestral introduction, and the guitar solo……the best things – ever.

So, for my Repeat Rotation Video today, I’m playing Guns N’ Roses ‘November Rain’ over and over, and remembering that drive from Texas to Ohio. It still seems like yesterday.

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