Gwen Stefani’s ‘Misery’ Video is High Fashion, Glamour and Gorgeousness

gwen stefani misery video

Gwen Stefani’s music video for her latest single ‘Misery’ is a high fashion affair.

Filmed in a deserted warehouse, with Stefani dressed in luscious couture gowns and posing with the best of them, ‘Misery‘ has a lovely eclectic feel to it as one minute she’s an ultra-glamorous Frida Kahlo, the next she’s an upscale Japanese Harajuku Girl and right afterwards, dressed to the nines for a Paris fashion show runway with the only one that can admire her being her co-star — a gorgeous black shire horse.

Yep. Stefani runs the gamut in this music video, but it’s all glamorous and gorgeous.

Besides, it honestly never seems to matter what Gwen Stefani wears or what the story is behind her music videos, as she’s just so damned beautiful and she never seems to age. It’s hard to take your eyes off her.

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Misery‘ is the third single from Stefani’s much talked about newest album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like and it’s a nice upbeat song that is basically Stefani singing about how much she loves and needs current beau Blake Shelton. Yep, that girl has got it bad.

Watch it below. And, of course, pick up Stefani’s newest album here.

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