Halsey’s ‘Strangers’ ft. Lauren featured on The L Word: Generation Q

Alternative pop singer songwriter Halsey’s ‘Strangers‘ ft. Lauren was one of the songs on this week’s superb The L Word: Generation Q soundtrack — The L Word: Generation Q, Season 1, Episode 4, “LA Times“.

The song was heard as the crowd finishes singing Happy Birthday.

Halsey’s ‘Strangers’ was released in May, 2017 as a promotional single for her sophomore album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom.

And it was a perfect song for The L Word because, as Halsey explained when it was released, the track is, “a love song for the LGBT community”.

The song, and the music video that followed a year later, is one of only a very few songs sung and written about same-sex couples.

Especially as, with the pronouns she uses, Halsey makes it patently obvious from the moment it starts the song was written about being in love with another woman.

And the heart ache that comes when they are no longer together.

Listen to Halsey’s ‘Strangers‘ ft. Lauren from The L Word: Generation Q in the official music video below.

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