Han Chae Young grabs huge role in 100-episode daily drama – first role in 2 years

For those of you who fell in love with Korean actress Han Chae Young in dramas like 2022’s Sponsor, 2018’s A Pledge to God, and her two recent Chinese dramas Chong Er’s Preach and 1931 Love Story, you will be thrilled to hear the talented actress is back.

Back after a two-year break, and this time grabbing a main role in the upcoming KBS2 daily drama Scandal. (My Drama List has more information)

Scandal will be the 43-year-old Han Chae Young’s first ever daily drama.

She will play the role of Moon Jung In, a huge role in a 100-episode drama, and one that obviously requires a massive time commitment.

The new weekend drama is scheduled to begin airing on June 17th, 2024 and then run through November 22nd, and will take the place of currently ongoing KBS2 drama The Two Sisters.

Han Chae Young is the only actor to be confirmed as starring in the upcoming KBS2 drama as of yet, although Han Bo Reum (Timing) was also previously mentioned by Korean entertainment news as a possible cast member.

The director and plot of Scandal

While not much has been released about the KBS2 drama so far, Korean media is reporting the plot goes something like this:

Scandal will depict a fateful scandal between a woman who wanted to have the world and another woman who put everything on the line for revenge.

Not anything that really makes much sense, or anything that gives us much of an idea what we might end up watching, eh?

The director, however, has been named as Choi Ji Yeong, who directed daily drama Apple of My Eye, and TVING Friday evening drama Stock Struck.

Scandal is being written by Hwang Soon Young, the screenwriter responsible for Great First Wives and Red Shoes.

We’ll keep you updated as more information is released, and more cast members are confirmed.

Meanwhile, congratulations to Han Chae Young. We’ve missed you.

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