Hanna Kristall to perform at Donauinselfest just 1 year after debut album release

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Austrian singer songwriter Hanna Kristall found out some good news a couple of months ago.

She had been chosen to perform live at the prestigious Donauinselfest in Vienna. The world’s largest open-air music festival, and a dream for many Austrian artists.

But a dream that is difficult to achieve.

Not for Hanna Kristall apparently, as she was chosen to grace the stage just one year after her debut album — Lady Mechanic — was released.

A native of Salzburg, Hanna is the daughter of a Mexican mother and a Polish father.

Her father is a classically trained musician, who makes his living as an oboist and a conductor, and is someone who taught her to love music from being a small child.

Like she says, maybe that music training and those genes gave her the skills it takes to confidently speak to a wider audience? And particularly an international one.

Skills that will be especially useful when she performs at Donauinselfest on Friday night.

A music festival that will see more than three million people in attendance this weekend. A number that is a more than a third the total population of Austria and so, of course, a festival that will be packed with people from all over Europe and the world.

What can you expect of Hanna Kristall at Donauinselfest?

Now, I interviewed Hanna Kristall last year, and found her fascinating to talk to. Particularly as, although Donauinselfest is obviously a big deal for her, it is not the only amazing opportunity in her career so far.

That is because she has already had opportunities other Austrian artists may work 30 years towards, and never get. (And I’ll get to why that is in a minute)

I have also seen the Austrian singer songwriter perform live twice in the last year, and let me just say, if you enjoy high energy, a gorgeously soulful voice and a superb stage presence, you really should see Hanna Kristall at Donauinselfest.

A Grammy Award-winning record producer

As for Hanna’s previous good fortune? Although, with talent like hers, it’s not really good fortune, but is instead very well-deserved.

That is because Hanna met Grammy Award-winning music director/producer/drummer Stacey Lamont Sydnor at a club in Vienna a couple of years ago, and he fell in love with her songs.

So much so, she and her guitarist Carina Haselmayer were invited out to Los Angeles, where he produced her debut album for her.

While there, Hanna also got to hang out at rehearsals with Michael Jackson’s brother Tito, and then talk to him about music afterwards.

Now can you see why an invitation to perform at Donauinselfest is something that should not be that big of a surprise?

Hanna Kristall will be performing live at Donauinselfest on Friday, June 21st, 2019, from 17:30 – 18:30 on Stage 8 in the Krone-Area of the festival.

You can learn more about her performance on the Donauinselfest website. Watch the promo for her appearance in the video below, and check out the event information on the Facebook page for Hanna Kristall Live at Donauinselfest.

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