Harry Styles’ Live Performance of ‘Sign of the Times’ on SNL was Impressive (Video)

Harry Styles’ live performance of ‘Sign of the Times‘ is impressive

Harry Styles‘ live performance of ‘Sign of the Times‘ on Saturday Night Live last night was impressive, with Styles proving yet again he is a phenomenal live singer and definitely worthy of the critical attention he often gets.

Because, sure, his voice cracked in a couple of places but Harry Styles is a baritone, so to be able to reach the falsetto notes he does, and as well as he does, is actually quite something.

Now, personally, I’m not a fan of Styles’ first solo single ‘Sign of the Times. I think it’s a boring song. But I must admit the track did sound much better live than it does recorded. Especially because his voice was so rich, and he showed off much of his vocal range.

Watch Harry Styles’ live performance of ‘Sign of the Times‘ to see if you agree.

And just in case you’re not a Harry Styles or One Direction fan, the song is from his upcoming self-titled debut solo album.

And, yes, the album is already a massive success as far as units sold, even though it won’t release until May 12th. Nor surprise there. Obviously.


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