Hayden James’ and Boy Matthews’new song ‘Just Friends’ is catchy and addictive

Listen to Hayden James’ ‘Just Friends‘ collab with Boy Matthews — it’s an earworm!

Australian singer, songwriter and music producer Hayden James is known for the many many millions of plays he has received on Spotify, as well as his hit singles ‘Something About You‘ and ‘Numb’. (‘Something About You’ alone has more than 68 million plays on just Spotify).

Expect James to add to that huge number of plays this week, as his new song ‘Just Friends‘ has been released and it is chatty, addictive and fun.

The production on this track is also brilliant and, with that bouncy bass and ultra-modern R&B feel, and that cool house beat, it is very likely to be another hit for Hayden James.

Just Friends‘ is a collab with Boy Matthews, with Boy providing the vocals of course, and has been released on the Aussie indie label Future Classic.

James is also working on his debut studio album, which is hopefully due for release sometime this year.

Meanwhile, listen to ‘Just Friends‘ in the video below, and I guarantee you will be humming that earworm for the rest of the day.

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