Hayley Kiyoko’s ‘Girls Like Girls’ is an Awesome Lesbian/Bisexual Anthem – Repeat Rotation Video

girls like girls hayley

The latest gay-themed music video to go viral is Hayley Kiyoko’sGirls Like Girls‘. Released just a month ago, the video has already garnered almost 4 million hits on YouTube. 

It features Stefanie Scott as the girl just coming to terms with her own feelings about girls, (and the girl who beats the sh*t out of boys that deserve it) and it is really beautifully filmed. No wonder it’s doing so well.

As for the track itself, ‘Girls Like Girls‘ is a lovely laidback, mellow song, that is a perfect lesbian/bi-sexual anthem for teens and young adults still unsure about themselves, their feelings for other girls and their place in life.

After all, doesn’t every lesbian and bi-sexual, or those struggling with their sexual identity, deserve something this pretty?

Girls Like Girls‘ is from Hayley Kiyoko’s new EP This Side of Paradise, and I like it so much it’s my Repeat Rotation Video today. Watch it below.

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